Brand (Var-shi)

Var-Shi, is Varun Loht and Vidushi Gulati’s eponymous couture label for Men and Women. Representing the best of both designers the brand is radically distinctive and futuristic. Constantly challenging the myriad platitudinal notions of fashion in India, VAR-SHI’s collections have a minimalist approach translating into progressive designs.

var-shi brand
Var-Shi hkv

The colazione Neo Femme, where they experimented with foil and neoprene on structured silhouettes representing the modern, fearless, determined woman.

Inspired by British Architecture, the collection Victorian Concurrence consisted of contemporary, asymmetrical silhouettes.

Following a visit to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the dismal state of once beautiful corals inspired the collection Massacre of the Great Barrier Reef. With the use of handworked embroidery and sequins, the pieces in the collection showcased the various stages of the corals, from vibrant beings to their current dead state. The collection was showcased at World Of Fashion, Alta Moda, Rome, 2017 and featured in Europe’s most reputed Collezioni Magazine.

Var-shi world of fashion rome collection

Varun and Vidushi’s started with lot of hopes and dreams, which continue to evolve with time and push them to widen their horizons, with each collection they push the envelope further.

VAR-SHI’s designs can be viewed and discussed at it’s flagship store in  Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi India, or can be reached on